Swiss Chard Giant Fordhook Seeds

  • 400

{ beta vulgaris }

Fordhook Swiss Chard is a classic vegetable known for it’s giant size, measuring at 22-27 inches tall. A hardy and vigorous variety, Fordhook has deep green crumpled leaves on thick white stems with a nice mild flavour. This cold hardy plant is perfect for fall gardens and also surprisingly heat tolerant.

25 + chard seeds.

{ planting instructions }

Direct sow seeds ½"– ¾" deep from mid–April until July for a continuous harvest, great for fall plantings as well. This to 12–15" apart. Frequent watering. Sun to Partial shade. Grows well in a hoop house or covered row.

60 days until maturity
85% germination rate

{ harvest instructions }

Harvest a few leaves from young chard plants for salads and eat entire heads when mature.

{ the dirt )

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