about us

Welcome to Cubit's. We sell high quality, naturally grown, open pollinated, rare and heirloom seeds for home vegetable gardens. 

We believe that everyone can grow their own delicious organic produce and love helping families grow their own food.
We split our time between urban gardens in the city of Kingston & our small seed farm in picturesque Prince Edward County. 

{ who we are }

We are Laura and Ryan and Cubit's is what happens when you combine art and design backgrounds with a passion for eating local and growing edibles. 
We work along side our children Becca and Robin. They are pretty good at picking carrots. 
Cubit's started in our own back yard of a rented apartment in downtown Toronto where our mascot, Hazel, frequently dug up our gardens.
After growing into several city yards, both our own and volunteered by friends and family we recently broke ground on a beautiful Ontario farm.

Read more about our family business on the etsy blog

{ our name }

Cubit’s takes it’s name both from our family tree and a historical Toronto market farmer named Cubit Sparkhall.
He owned a large piece of land in East End Toronto, approximately where Withrow Park is now.
Cubit was uniquely named after the cubit, an ancient measurement once used to measure building materials and small amounts of land; A cubit is about 18 inches, measured from the tip of your thumb to your elbow.

{ video fun }

Check out this great foodland Ontario video featuring our shop: