Black Futsu Futzu Pumpkin Seeds

Black Futsu Futzu Pumpkin Seeds

  • 400

{ cucurbita moschata }

Black Futzu are rare Japanese heirloom pumpkins. The small fruits are both delicious and good looking. The inner flesh is orange, thick and sweet. The exteriors are striking with deeply pleated heavy ribs, muted colours and the occasional wart.

10+ non-GMO heirloom pumpkin seeds.

{ planting instructions }

After last frost, plant seeds 1” deep, spaced 2” apart in rich soil. Train vines slowly in the direction you want the plant to grow in. Deep waterings. Full sun. Will produce well in large containers.

105+ days.
80% germination rate.

{ harvest information }

Keep picked clean for best yields. Gather before last frost, leaving part if the stem attached to the fruit. Store in a dry place.

{ the dirt }

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