Cubit's Baby Leaf Heirloom Lettuce Mix

Cubit's Baby Leaf Heirloom Lettuce Mix

  • 400

{ lactuca sativa }

Cubit's Baby Leaf lettuce mix is a multi coloured blend of heirloom leaf lettuces and greens selected to look and taste great in your salads. There are some reds, purples, freckled and green varieties all mixed up. Pick them small or full grown and have flashy gourmet salads all season long.

150+ seeds.

{ planting instructions }

Direct sow in early spring as seed will germinate when the days get warm enough. Sow thinly ¼" deep & 1" apart in rich, well drained soil. Full sun to partial shade. Plant successive crops 2 weeks apart to ensure a constant harvest. Grow as a edible border and companion plant with carrots, onions, & radishes.

25 - 50 days
90% germination

{ harvest information }

Harvest lettuce early in the morning. Harvest when plants are 3 to 4 inches tall. Simply cut off the leaves above the soil.

{ the dirt )

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