Kale Bonanza - Mixed Kale Seeds

  • 400

{ brassica oleracea acephala } 

A delectable blend of our favourite kales. The giant splendor of Dinosaur Kale, the rusty tinge of Red Russian Kale, and the compact curls of Vates Kale. All together or individually, baby or full-sized, a great salad starts here.

100 + kale seeds.

{ planting notes }

Sow kale in late summer for a fall harvest or early spring for summer harvest. Sow seeds ½" deep, allowing 1’ between plants and 1’ between rows. Frequent watering; do not let soil dry out. Sun. 

30 Days baby leaf, 60 Days full-size

92% germination rate

{ the dirt )

Here is our recipe for Kale chips:
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