Pork Chop Tomato Seeds

  • 400

{ Solanum lycopersicum }

Pork Chop Tomatoes are giant sized beefsteak tomatoes that are an awesome shade of striped green that slowly turns a true golden yellow. Amazing on a sandwich. A new open pointed offering from Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms in California.

25 + open pollinated seeds

{ growing instructions }

Sow ¼ " deep, 1" apart. Transplant to 24" apart. Plants require staking. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Harden off young plants for 10 days. Transplant outdoors to moist soil or direct sow after last frost. Water deeply for healthy roots & large harvests. Sun to full sun.

90 days
90% germination

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{ the dirt }

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