Purple Tomatillo Seeds

  • 400

{ physalis ixocarpa }

A heirloom variety, Purple Tomatillos produce smaller 1½–2" fruits with gorgeous dark purple skin. Sharper flavour than green tomatillos, very sweet, great grilled.

25+ tomatillo seeds.

{ planting instructions }

Start seeds 6–8 weeks before last frost. Once seedlings have been hardened off, transplant outdoors 2–3' apart. Can grow as a ground cover or use tomato cages. Well drained soil. Moderate watering at base of plant. Full sun.
90 days.

{ harvest information }

Harvest tomatillos when the fruits are firm & the husks are papery & straw–coloured. Usually the husks will break open or they can be tested with a gentle squeeze.
Harvest 90 days from transplant.

{ the dirt }

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