Red Speckled Roman Tomato Seeds

  • 400

{ solanum lycopersicon }

Red Speckled Roman Tomatoes are wonderful red, orange and yellow striped fruits. Their long 5" candle shape is the result of a stabilized cross between Antique Roman and Banana Legs tomatoes. This productive indeterminate variety adds some variation to your tomatoes in both shape and colour.

25+ Seeds.

{ planting instructions }

Sow ¼ " deep, 1" apart. Transplant to 24" apart. Plants require staking. Start indoors 6–8 weeks before last frost. Harden off young plants for 10 days. Transplant outdoors to moist soil or direct sow after last frost. Water deeply for healthy roots & large harvests. Sun to full sun.

75 Days to maturity.
90% germination rate.

{ special notes }

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