Sumter Cucumber Seeds

  • 400

{ cucumis sativus }

The most popular pickling cucumber for pickles of all sizes. Sumter is a very productive variety. About 6" long when fully grown. The straight, symmetrical fruit has an attractive colour and firm, tender, tasty flesh.

25+ cucumber seeds

{ sowing instructions }

Plant 1" deep, 6 seeds per foot, spaced 3–6" apart after last frost. Plant at 3–week intervals up to midsummer for fresh cucumbers all season. Moderate water, be careful not to over water. Full sun to Partial shade.

90% germination.
65 days.

{ harvest information }

Can be picked at any time over the growing season depending on desired size. To keep plant producing, keep fruit picked. Positively perfect for pickling, say that 10 times fast.

{ the dirt }

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