Walthum Butternut Squash Seeds

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{ cucurbita moschata }

Waltham Butternut is a classic squash variety with rich, dry, yellowish orange flesh, nutty flavour & vigorous vines. Exterior has a smooth light yellow skin. Fruit has a small seed cavity & weighs 3–6 pounds. Heavenly roasted and in soups.

25+ squash seeds.

{ planting instructions }

After last frost, plant seeds 1" deep, spaced 2" apart in rich soil. Train vines slowly in the direction you want the plant to grow in. Deep waterings.

Full sun.
100 days.
90% germination rate.

{ harvest information }

Keep picked clean for best yields. Gather before last frost, leaving part if the stem attached to the fruit. Store in a dry place.

Here's a great squash soup recipe:

{ the dirt }

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